Top 10 Most Aesthetic Physiques Of 2012

Top 10 Most Aesthetic Physiques Of 2012

Ten – Rob Riches

About Rob Riches:

Rob Riches is an internationally recognized fitness model and fitness competitor. His aesthetic physique has earned him a sponsorship with Optimum Nutrition. He is 5’10” 180Lbs and maintains sub 10% body fat and definitely has one of the most aesthetic physiques of 2012 . You can visit his site to learn more about him.

Nine – Diego Sebastian

About Diego Sebastian:

Diego Sebastian is a successful fitness model who features on many covers and layouts in mens fitness magazines. Hard to believe he is over 42 years old ! He is one of the very few individuals to create such an aesthetic physique despite being so tall. Diego is 6’4″ 220Lbs and most likely sub 8% body fat in the picture above. You can learn more about Diego at

Eight – Jeff Seid

About Jeff Seid:

Jeff Seid exploded onto the fitness scene through Bodyspace. When he posted his pictures people started to question whether he was natural or not as he is only 18 years old ! Whether he is natural or not is irrelevant, his genetics and work ethic are top notch. Jeff won first place in the Mens Physique division. Jeff is 6’0 190Lbs and  5-6% body fat. You can find out more about Jeff at

Seven – Ulisses Jr

About Ulisses Jr:

Ulisses is the reigning Musclemania Pro World Champion and former Musclemania Pro Superbody Champion. His physique is a combination of both size and low body fat. You can visit his site at

Six – Jaco De Bruyn

About Jaco De Bruyn:

Jaco De Bruyn is an international fitness competitor, he was in the top 20 in 2010 Mr world South Korea and the first ever heat magazine “Manwatch” winner. He deserves a place in our top 10, just look at those delts. He is 6’0″ 190Lbs and under 7% body fat. He has his own website

Five – Julien Greaux

About Julien Greaux:

Julien Greaux is a fitness model and martial artist. He has been featured on covers and is sponsored by BSN, Julien maintains his low body fat by training everyday at high intensity. He is an advocate of full body training routines such as circuit training. He is 5’9″  185Lbs and under 7% body fat.

Four – Helmut Strebl

About Helmut Strebl:

Helmut Strebl is a fitness model, probably the leanest and the most dry we have ever come across despite being 44 years old. We could not find his stats but he is probably sub 5% body fat in the picture above. You can read more about him at his website

Three – Steve Cook

About Steve Cook:

Steve Cook is an IFBB pro in the mens physique division, he won the BodySpace Spokesmodel search competition in 2011 and was picked up by Optimum Nutrition as a sponsored athlete. Steve planned to be the modern Steve Reeves but its safe to say he surpassed  the late Steve Reeves in both size and conditioning. Steve Cook is 6’1″ 210Lbs and 7% body fat. He has achieved so much so early in his career and is easily one of the most aesthetic of 2012.

Two – Lazar Angelov

About Lazar Angelov:

Lazar Angelov is a Bulgarian Fitness model, who at the age of 18 spent a year and a half in the Army, where he found his vocation – bodybuilding. It became a constant part of his life and he went on to earn a certificate for a personal trainer from the National Sports Academy. Lazar started working with people, helping them to reach their maximum potential in developing their bodies. He owns one of the best sets of abs in the world. He stands 6’0′ 195Lbs and is under 7% body fat. Lazar has a his very own site

One – Greg Plitt

About Greg Plitt:

There is a reason this guy is the number one fitness model in the world, his physique is a combination of perfect genetics, ridiculous dedication and work ethic. Greg is known to workout at 5 am everyday and doesn’t take any days off, on top of that he has been on over one hundred covers, which is more than any other fitness model. He served his country as an army ranger and his achievements have caused him to be sponsored by Met-Rx one of the best supplement companies in the US. Greg is 6’1″ 195Lbs and 5% body fat, which he maintains year round by following a low/no carb diet and training at very high intensity. Greg has his own membership site

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